Putin’s Puppet Donald Trump

Putin’s Puppet

Congratulations Donald Trump on the enormous satisfaction you provided Russian President Vladimir Putin at Monday’s summit in Helsinki. You’ve done something no other President ever did before. You groveled before a tyrant who rules a major adversary of the United States. But I guess that was to be expected. You’ve given new meaning to the title POTUS—Puppet of the United States. Perhaps, for accuracy, we should change your title to PPOTUS—Putin’s Puppet of the United States.

Russia’s Investment

Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s top diplomat, made it clear how pleased the Russians were. He joyfully described the summit in Helsinki as “fabulous,” and “better than super.” Could that be confirmation to Putin and the Russian Oligarchs that their investment in you has produced an incredible return?

Some suggest your submissiveness is based on fear that Putin would release embarrassing information about you. But you know that is not the case. You are such a shameless individual that nothing in the Michael Steele dossier could embarrass you. After all, you brag about your past sexual escapades. No, there is something more fundamental here—something that will likely expose you as less than the great businessman you claim to be.  Perhaps, it may even subject you to legal consequences.

Indeed, others believe the record will reveal that after you ran your casinos and hotels into bankruptcy and couldn’t obtain financing from any U.S. source, you turned to Deutsch Bank and its Russian Oligarch clients for funding. What a perfect match. You needed money in the United States as did the Oligarchs, and your real estate ventures provided the perfect vehicle. And that’s why you’re so scared of the Mueller investigation.

Investigators Follow the Money

You are definitely aware that Robert Mueller, a Princeton University graduate and Marine officer who served with distinction in Vietnam, is a highly experienced prosecutor and FBI director. It’s likely he already knows all your secrets and has probably unraveled the tangle of transactions that reveal the source of the $400 million in cash used to acquire certain properties.

You claim you generated that amount by cash flow from your other business interests. But seriously, Donald, do you think anyone with knowledge of your lack of business acumen will believe that? Certainly the previous investors and principal losers in your bankrupt casinos and hotels do not. No doubt they have a pretty good idea where that $400 million really came from. They can’t prove it. Mueller will.

When the facts of the Mueller probe are made public, many people believe they will confirm that after you screwed your investors with corporate bankruptcies, Russian Oligarchs provided substantially all your investment funds; that you are still indebted to them, and with little effort, they could bring down the Donald Trump Empire. That would explain why you have to do their bidding.

Putin’s Real Interests

It’s no secret that Putin is intent on damaging the United States and other Western countries. He is intent on weakening our capacity to respond to his aggressive tactics, as well as demonstrate to the world that democracy is not a viable or desirable form of government. And you have done your part as directed.

Trump’s Actions

You have demeaned the Office of the President of the United States by your relentless classless acts, by bullying and lying, by sowing bigotry and hatred and by fostering polarization of the citizenry.

You have shown no respect for the Constitution of the United States. You’ve promoted distrust of law enforcement, particularly the FBI. You’ve used propaganda to plant mistrust of the free press with your pronouncements of “Fake News.” Of course, the only fake news comes out of your mouth and the mouths of your sycophants.

You’ve undertaken policies to undermine the system of world trade with your denigration of the G7 and the imposition of tariffs. These actions  have succeeded in creating serious rifts with friends and allies. Ultimately,  they will cause economic distress to many of our own hard working citizens.

Trump, NATO and Putin

And while one could continue to catalogue the actions you’ve taken that are detrimental to the interests of the United States, the most important directly affects our security. Your attacks on NATO as an organization and the individual allies that comprise it can have only one objective—to give Russia a stronger hand. You choose to denigrate friends and praise enemies. When you spread doubt the U.S. would defend our allies—like the small country of Montenegro—you are negating the very pillar of NATO, strength in unity. Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty makes it clear that an attack on one member is an attack on all.

Putin could not be more pleased, particularly the reference to Montenegro. After the country joined NATO, a 2016 coup, allegedly planned by pro-Russian militants, failed. Add this as another corroboration of your allegiance to Putin.

The Russian Award for Outstanding Service

In fact, you have performed so well that Putin should bestow upon you The Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called. This award, the highest order of the Russian Federation,  is presented for outstanding service to the state. You can then wear it openly with pride. You certainly deserve it!


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