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In the course of my career, which has passed through the worlds of business, entertainment, politics and international crime, I have traveled much of the globe, experienced moments of enjoyment and frustration and encountered many fascinating people along the way.

International crime and fashion in one sentence may seem unusual, but consider the sidewalk vendor selling a counterfeit Louis Vuitton bag or the store selling a counterfeit Chanel No. 5. It’s so much more profitable to the counterfeit manufacturer not to bother with such irritating expenses as product development and advertising when one can simply trade off the reputation built and sustained by the brand’s legitimate manufacturer. And then there’s the gray market in which branded products made for distribution in other countries are imported and sold in the United States.

The gray market provides a convenient vehicle to launder illegally obtained funds as well as creates an environment in which counterfeit products can prosper. Dealing with counterfeiting and the gray market brought me in contact with private security firms of a former FBI agent and a U.S. Senate investigator, the FBI, U.S. Customs officials, Senators, Representatives, and the Justice Department. (Read more about Opium and the gray market.)

These experiences, particularly during my almost thirty year sojourn through the fashion, cosmetics and fragrance universe, provide the foundation from which the fictional narratives of my novels have risen. But my curiosity was not and is not limited to the fashion industry.

For years` I was fascinated by conflicting arguments about low taxes and job creation, concluding that one’s viewpoint depended upon which side of the ideological divide he or she stood. But if you’re an Independent, as I am, you scratch your head in puzzlement trying to avoid basing a conclusion on which side yells the louder. To answer that question I did considerable research and produced my first non-fiction book on that subject.

Then my interest moved to the rise of Christianity from the varying narratives of religion, history and archaeology. The results of that research were a source of information and inspiration for my wife, Leslie Schweitzer Miller, in writing her first novel, DISCOVERY.

Now my interest has turned to current affairs and particularly public policy on issues that affect the United States such as healthcare, taxes, job creation and foreign affairs, about which I will be commenting periodically.

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