Trump Tributes Trump

The Need for a Rally It wasn’t since the ancient BC— Before Covid—days that Donald Trump had wallowed in the thunderous cheers he craved and knew he deserved. But after thousands of protestors marched together in the streets, he realized the time had come to plan a rally once again. He chose to bathe in… More

Donald Trump and the Rise of Populism

Trump’s Brand of Populism Many people have wondered how Donald Trump attracted a hard core of followers despite all that was known about him. There were those who came to his side for strictly ideological reasons. Some were evangelicals who came en masse based on Trump’s promise to appoint conservative judges to overturn Roe v.… More

2020 Democrats — Flashing Warning Signs

Misreading the results It’s easy to understand how a big electoral victory can instill a high confidence level. But such a large victory can also lead to a misreading of its impact on future results. That is particularly true when the warning signs start flashing and many Democrats seemingly ignore them. But history has repeatedly… More

Snatching Defeat from the Arms of Victory

The 2016 Election In 2016 Hillary Clinton was the odds-on favorite to win the presidential election. Yet something happened on the way to the ballot box, and she snatched defeat out of the arms of victory. Granted, Russian interference in the election promoting Donald Trump certainly cost her votes in several key states. As did… More

Individual Mandates and Healthcare

Elements of a New National Healthcare Program Are individual mandates good or bad? If you believe healthcare is solely an individual matter and should be outside the purview of the government, then there is little you can contribute to the discussion on crafting a new national healthcare program. However, if you can agree that good… More

Universal Healthcare – A Fundamental Requirement

Many argue that healthcare should not be an entitlement. Rather, Americans must be self-reliant citizens and provide for their own healthcare beyond the purview of the federal government. But the cost of medical care compared to the average and median American household income makes that an unrealistic possibility. And there is another reason – what… More

WE THE PEOPLE: Article 3: The Need to Promote the General Welfare

Can one honestly speak positively of the country’s general welfare when a significant percentage of its populace lacks good health care? Shouldn’t it then be an important objective to solve that problem and assure that good care is available to all who need it? Note, too, that though insurance is the likely means to provide… More

WE THE PEOPLE: Article 2: The meaning of Words – Promote the General Welfare

The debate stimulated by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison in the Federalist Papers over the role of the federal government continues unabated today and reflects itself in issues such as states’ rights, regulations, health care, limited versus big government, and taxation. You might recognize the current differences of opinion concerning each as those espoused separately… More

WE THE PEOPLE: Article 1: The meaning of Words

“We the people,” a phrase that suggests a grouping of individuals banding together to a common end, is the preamble to what may be the most ambitious document of self-government ever written, the Constitution of the United States of America. Considering the document is more than two hundred years old and conditions have changed markedly… More