Saving China Jobs—Trump’s New Policy?

Saving jobs in China How comforting to learn that on the way to Making America Great Again, President Trump is now determined to save jobs in China. Is this his new policy? In April, the U.S. Commerce Department banned the export of U.S. components to ZTE, a $17 billion Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer. ZTE had… More

Politics at the Water’s Edge

Politics and Nonpartisan Foreign Policy There are different opinions as to who first echoed the classic phrase, “Politics Stop at the Water’s Edge,” but both parties have made that assertion when they were the party in power seeking nonpartisan support for its foreign policy.   In an article published on the Oxford University Press blog,… More


Sanctions on Putin’s Inner Circle The day after my last posting, I was briefly buoyed by the announcement that sanctions were imposed on seven Russian oligarchs with close ties to President Vladimir Putin and the twelve companies they own or control, seventeen senior Russian government officials and the government owned weapons trading company, Rosoboronexport. Well,… More

National Security – The Threat from Within

The Threat The man interferes with the presidential election in the United States and threatens a nuclear attack with a hypersonic missile that would overcome any existing or future U.S. anti-missile system. He interferes in elections in other Western democracies, annexes territory of and promotes rebellion in the Ukraine, threatens neighboring East European countries, and… More

Threats, Interference and Assassinations

The Issue How should one react when a foreign leader openly issues threats of a military nature to your country and its allies, directs interference with the workings of your democracy and silently stands behind assassinations of his own countrymen who oppose or betray him, regardless of the country where they reside. The answer is… More

Illegal Immigrants Pathway to Legal Status

A Country’s Right and Obligation to Control Illegal Immigration Every country has a right and obligation to protect its borders and allow in as a visitor or resident only those persons it deems worthy of admittance. That can be for economic reasons—those persons who will add to the country’s economic well being—or humane reasons—refugees from… More

Duplicity and Complicity in Defense of the Indefensible

A Nation of Laws We are a nation of laws. No one, not even the President of the United States, is above the law. That fact was plainly recognized in 1974 when President Richard Nixon was forced to resign and subsequently received a full and unconditional pardon for any crimes he might have committed against… More

Profiles In Cowardice, Greed And Deceit

Profiles in Courage In 1957, the book, Profiles in Courage—believed by many to have been ghost written by Ted Sorensen for then Senator John F. Kennedy—won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography. The book was a series of short biographies of eight United States Senators who challenged the policies of their party to act with bravery… More