Duplicity and Complicity in Defense of the Indefensible

A Nation of Laws We are a nation of laws. No one, not even the President of the United States, is above the law. That fact was plainly recognized in 1974 when President Richard Nixon was forced to resign and subsequently received a full and unconditional pardon for any crimes he might have committed against… More

Profiles In Cowardice, Greed And Deceit

Profiles in Courage In 1957, the book, Profiles in Courage—believed by many to have been ghost written by Ted Sorensen for then Senator John F. Kennedy—won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography. The book was a series of short biographies of eight United States Senators who challenged the policies of their party to act with bravery… More

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Monstrosity, Outrage, Scam

Opinions of the New Bill Monstrosity, Outrage, Scam. These are some of the epithets used to describe the new tax bill now under reconciliation between the House and Senate, and they couldn’t be more descriptive. Scam First, this bill is not what it’s purported to be. More appropriately, it should be called The SCAM Tax… More


Corporate Tax Rates in The United States Proponents of corporate income tax cuts claim that corporate income tax rates in the United States are the highest in the world and are a major reason companies make new investments in other countries with lower rates. Lower the rates in the U.S., they continue, and the economy… More


Whose Interests—Country or Party? When is a political party’s interests more important than those of the country? When Republicans try to pass a tax cut that makes no economic sense and spout nonsense to justify it. The fallacious claim that this tax cut greatly benefits the middle class, not high-income taxpayers should be enough to… More


The Theory Are tax cuts warranted? The classic economic theory of “Guns and Butter” is used to illustrate the Production Possibilities Curve, or the maximum output possibilities for two sets of goods based upon available resources during a specific time frame. Guns represent military or defense spending, while butter represents the investment in civilian goods… More


Hurricane Hypocrisy In August, the two Texas Senators and several of its Representatives revealed their hypocrisy in the exercise of fiscal responsibility. In 2013, they refused to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts for New York and New Jersey. But these stalwarts of principle quickly pressed for relief funds for the damage in Texas by Hurricane… More

A Hurricane Reveals More than Hypocrisy

Hurricane Sandy In October 2012 Hurricane Sandy struck the northeast with three to nine-foot storm surges in New York and New Jersey. Damage was immense to homes, businesses, coastal resort areas, hospitals and roadways. Water surged through lower Manhattan, severely damaging subways and roadway tunnels in New York City. Millions were left without electricity. The… More

Individual Mandates and Healthcare

Elements of a New National Healthcare Program Are individual mandates good or bad? If you believe healthcare is solely an individual matter and should be outside the purview of the government, then there is little you can contribute to the discussion on crafting a new national healthcare program. However, if you can agree that good… More